I’ve worked as a stage and film actor (including two of John Hughes’ films), rock musician, printer’s assistant, draftsman, industrial engineer, mechanical engineer, assistant head cashier, television assembler, veterinary assistant, auto parts counter clerk, copywriter, forklift driver, proofreader, warehouse helper, embassy officer, land planning technician, cafeteria attendant, graphic designer, assistant recording engineer, art director, creative director, hand model, marketing manager, publicity manager, advertising manager, children’s book illustrator and owner/operator of a new boat dealership. After 45 years it became obvious to me that I couldn’t hold a job, so I decided to be a writer, currently with a bi-weekly humor column in The Voice. I’ve ghost-written two books and my work has appeared in Tooling & Production, The Herald, The Chicago Tribune, Rivulets and online in Combat and The Journals of Father Nick Thomas. To keep food on the table until writing can support me in the manner to which I’d like to become accustomed, I’m self-employed (no surprise) as a book designer. I’ve been married since 1981 (this time) and have two adopted special needs Korean children (young adults now), and one granddaughter.


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  1. Great Blog. I’ve nominated you for a blogger recognition award. Check out the link for details, Best wishes, Steve. http://stevehigginslive.com/about/steves-blogs/


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